“Exchange is creation,” Muriel Rukeyser once argued, and the “exchange is one of energy” (173). This energy, stored in a poem, is unleashed in the creative act of reading.

This blog exists as a site for creation, exchange, dialogue, exploration, and discovery through the process of reading the works of E. E. Cummings.

We are more formal than a conference discussion, but less formal than a conference presentation. Our decorum is relaxed, and yet professional. Loose, and yet documented.

This site aims to become a credible source that carries weight in EEC scholarship—even as it is a source where ideas emerge in the process of becoming, the process of exchange. We hope to be a site of energy and synergy that can provide a catalyst for a paper, a presentation, a book, a classroom discussion, or, and just as important, seeing a grasshopper or a semi-colon in a way never thought possible.

Works Cited

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