The E. E. Cummings Society will sponsor two sessions at the 2024 American Literature Association conference in Chicago. We invite proposals for papers on any aspect of Cummings’ life and/or work. Proposals that touch upon the following topics will be especially welcome:

  • Political Cummings [e.g., “plato told,” “o to be in finland”]
  • Cummings the Modernist: Making it New (and Now)
  • Cummings’ “philosophy of life”— “transcendental, romantic, prelapsarian, organicist, and individualistic”? (Friedman, Art 66). Discuss.
  • Tulips and Chimneys at 100 (and 101).
  • Cummings’ art during and after WWII [Cummings’ pacifism, his attitudes towards Roosevelt, and works in 50 Poems (1940), 1 x 1 (1944), and XAIPE (1950)]
  • Cummings’ prose (The Enormous Room, A Miscellany, EIMI, i: six nonlectures, Letters) and theatre works (Him, Tom, Santa Claus)
  • Cummings and Re-Vision [For some drafts of poems, see the Cummings Archive:

Send 250-400-word abstracts to Michael Webster ( by January 28, 2024.

For further information, consult the web page of the American Literature Association conference.