At Spring: The Journal of the E. E. Cummings Society, one can find a range of valuable resources, including the table of contents of all issues of Spring as well as access to some online articles found therein, extensive primary and secondary bibliographies, a wide range of extensive notes on Cummings’ works, a page proof of r-p-o-p-h-e-s-s-a-g-r,  and more.

The Online Archival Search Information System is a place to search the Cummings Archive at the Houghton Library of Harvard University. One can find drafts of poems, jottings, notes, and for a fee, order sheets remotely. It is also a good source for ordering boxes and folders prior to visiting the archive in person, a process that begins here.

Alison Clifford’s digital project, “The Sweet Old Etcetera,” provides the opportunity to interact with the movement of Cummings’ poems in ways not possible before online technology.

A collection of excerpts of earlier scholarship (pre-ecocriticism) on Cummings can be found at the Modern American Poetry site.

The Poetry Foundation provides a biography of Cummings, podcasts, articles on his work, and a few of his poems.

Academy of American Poets also provides some information on EEC.

The Writer’s Almanac Archive includes readings of several of Cummings’ poems over twenty-plus years.

SUNY Brockport’s “Preserving the Paintings of E. E. Cummings” describes their project of restoring many of Cummings’ paintings. Their site provides information on the process and status of “adopting a painting.” They also provide 75 images of Cummings’ paintings.

Ken Lopez’s “The Paintings of E. E. Cummings” also provides many images of Cummings’ art.